Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Steps Taken To Attract Tourists

Both Central and State Government are now trying their best to attract foreign and domestic tourists. For the comforts of foreign tourists beautiful five star hotels have been built and are being built in the big cities of India. Less expensive hotels are also being built for those foreign tourists who can’t afford to stay in five star hotels. There are tourist lodges and guest houses in places far from cities and towns where tourists can stay and enjoy what is worth seeing there. Arrangements of luxury buses, cars, launches and well trained guide have been made. Every attempt is being made so that the foreign tourists can have a good impression about our people with whom they come in contact. Every Indian Embassy in foreign countries is trying to devise various means to attract foreign tourists to India. Apart from the tourist lodges run by the Government, hotels, resorts have been established at places of tourist interest and these are under private ownership. Even the management of some Govt. tourist lodges has been handed over to private hoteliers to make these lodges better managed and more professionally run.
Domestic tourists are also encouraged to visit interesting places in different parts of the country. The domestic tourists come in contact with the people of the places they visit. This helps national integration through mutual understanding. It gives tourism a boost.

Tourism In India

Tourism is an organized journey through a country from place to place. The general purpose of tourism is to visit new places and see objects of historical and other interest and enjoy beautiful natural scenery. Such tourism or organized journey is much in vogue in different parts of the world for the world for the above mentioned purposes and gaining knowledge. India is a vast country with many places and objects of historical interest. It has many places of beautiful scenery. Kashmir is known all over the world for its scenic beauty. We have the vast Himalayas with snow capped peaks. Mount Everest is the highest mountain peak in the world. The beauty of rising sun among the snow capped peaks draws tourists to Darjeeling, the queen of hill station in India. There are beautiful lakes in these regions. As there are high mountains on one hand, there are also vast fertile plains and deserts on the other. There are big forest regions with sanctuaries for the Royal Bengal tigers in the Sundarbans, lions in Gujarat and so on. These attract tourist. In South India and other parts of India there are beautiful temples of architectural beauty. The temples of Konarak, Puri, Bhubaneswar, Khajuraho etc are of special interests to a class of tourists. There are many royal palaces of Hindu kings and Muslim emperors with wonderful architectural beauty. There are forts built by the Mughal emperors and Indian rulers, these are objects worth seeing. There are places of archaeological interest in many parts of India. The Taj Mahal, The Victoria Memorial are all special interest to many tourist. All these encourage tourism.